Durable. Beautiful.

Need clay or tile roof? You came to the right place.

Properly installed clay and tile roofs can last a lifetime.

Clay and tile have a unique look that is the envy of many while providing great resistance to weathering and damage from mother nature's storms.

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Clay Tiled Roof


One of the strongest, most durable, roofing materials available, it could be your last roof you ever have. Many european buildings over a century old still have the original, healthy, watertight clay roofs.

Concrete Tiled Roof


Concrete tiles are sometimes used in place of clay tiles, usually for a cost savings. These tiles allow you to retain the look of tile, but with reduced durability to the elements.

Spanish Tiled Roof


Tile roofing has ling been a staple of success as one of the most prestigous of roofing materials. When you choose tile you are roofing with some of the best materials available.

Hail Damaged Tile Roof

Storm Damage

While clay and concrete roofing has supperior damage resistance to mother nature's fury, it doesn't mean it is impervious to the destruction possible. Know your home is still protected, or that it isn't with an honest, free inspection.

New home, new roof.

So many options, don't get lost in the whirlwind of information.

Weighing in the roofing options can be a real challenge. Clay vs. concrete. Who wins? That depends on what your goals are. It isn't the same for eveyone. We understand that and are here for you. After you invite us to your home, we will ask you for the visions you have for your home. Then we will give you at least a couple viable options to start with and give you information that will empower you to make the best decision for you. No high pressure to sign a contract with us. We work hard to give you the most up to date and comprehensive service possible. If you are not happy to use us it won't be a pleasant experience for anyone. Contact us today and see how we do it better!

Repairs, re-roof.

Insurance claim? Have a leak? Just want to get a free roof inspection?

Well, we are happy to be in to be here for you. No matter the sitution, we've got you covered. Putting you, our clients needs first is one way we stand out above the rest. Have a severe storm? Have use inspect before you call your insurance money by sending an adjuster out when there may be nothing needed. Having us inspect first does a lot of things for you and your insurance.

Leaky roof? This can be very tricky. Water runs around all over the place, which can make it hard to track down. We will meet with you and take a look, sometimes you get lucky and it is easy to find without the use of special equipment. Contact us today, see us do better than the rest!