Doing Better Shingle Roofing Work

3 Tab Shingled roof

3 tab

This introductory shingle is referred to as 3 tab shingles because it has....3 tabs. When cost is the main objective, this is the way to go. No other roofing comes close for the dollar. However, in TX and OK, we see lots of high winds, expect to have them replaced because some will blow off.

Laminated asphalt roof


Roughly doubling the wind resistance of the 3 tab, it is a smart choice. More of an investment where you can make your money back and maybe then some in saved repairs.

Luxury Laminated roof

All the Way

Gotta have the best asphalt roofing has to offer? Then you need those falling into the "luxury" category. Some of these shingles can even imitate the look of cedar shake, at a fraction of the cost. This is only one option, there are many designs and the pricing varies greatly.

Ice and Water around roof pipe jack


This is IMPORTANT! The roof is a system. Any manufacture's website will tell you this. Installing roofing incorrectly can have dire consequences, years later. Sometimes it is immediate. Pictured above is one detail of how we outperform the competition. Call us for more details.

Roofing Underlayment

Works when your shingles don't, yea, I'd say it's important.

Your roofing underlayment is there to protect your home from water that will get past the shingles. How? Because shingled roofing isn't a waterproof barrier. It is a water shedding barrier. It works using gravity, when wind overpowers gravity in a strong storm, water can be pushed under the shingles. So, that's why it's important. Many contractors get away with using the cheapest underlayment available --- tar soaked paper. Yes, paper! It is commonly referred to as felt, but it is not felt. Because paper tears so easily it is hard, if not impossible in some situations to install without tearing it. This is one reason we never use it. We use a synthetic underlayment, tested to be over 20 times stronger! Call us out and we will show you some samples. You need to know.

Roofing Ventilation

80% of roofs have inadequate ventilation, which can void your warranty.

The ventilation is very important. Without it attic spaces get very hot. This can leads to a harder working a/c, leading to a shorter lifespan for your a/c, leading to sooner a/c replacement.... You can see how this is going. It affects a lot. In addition to these other things, it can void your shingle warranty. Sometimes builders have built it so poorly it is very costly to fix. Normally we can throw that in for free with most roof replacements. Oh, and did I mention that poor roof ventilation can cut the life of your shingles in half? Thanks for taking the time to read over this info. Now go ahead, give us a call so we can answer all your questions.