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Thank You

Hi, I am David Hartley. Before I start sharing a little about myself with you, thank you for taking some time to check us out. I hope you have been enjoying it and have learned something new. This page is here because I want you (our clients) to know I am here, for you, and want you to feel comfortable with us.

Brief History

Growing up, I worked hard mowing yards, working on cars, and building houses. Yes, the first job I had, was building "turn key" houses from the ground up. Learned how to do everything from the foundation to the roof. My favorite part of the job was cutting wood with the saw or installing roof decking. Heights have always been exciting to me, because it adds a little extra challenge to the task. Being able to look at a home you helped build was very satisfying. And finally, the military was calling my name. So I signed up to work for Uncle Sam for a few years. I served overseas, before returning to the civilian sector. Next, I found opportunities in storm restoration, which is the focus of my company.


I started out as a project manager helping homeowners get their storm damage repaired. Identifyilng storm damage, working with homeowners' insurance, managing the project, and how the industry works is what I learned over the next few years. After growing very weary watching people getting mistreated, I decided I would do something about it and created Hartley Services LLC.

Doing Better

You may be asking yourself what this "doing it better" means exactly. At it's core, it means that everything company wide is geared to treating people the way Iwould want to be treated. You will see evidence of this when you meet one of my experts, or myself. The best way to stay connected with what my people are going through is by getting out there on a regular basis with them and do what they do. That is my job. That is one way things are done better. I have seen it time and time again, expectations being set that aren't realistic and/or have no guidance. Hartley Services LLC will never get so big that I can't make time to join my sales people and managers. This ensures quality control standards are maintained, resulting in the best experience possible, for you, our client.