Free Residential Inspections!

Want your roof inspected? We are here.

Have a leak? Recent storms? Know your roof's health. Being reactive to issues with such a large investment can cost you much more than a proactive approach would. One of the many times in life where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Detecting roof problems early can often prevent any interior water damage from ever happening.

There are a couple times when proactive homeowners call us for a roof inspection:

    1) Immediately after a severe hail or wind storm. Hail is interesting, it can be small as .75" and cause significant damage or large as a softball and do nearly nothing. Winds need to exceed 70 mph before significant damage usually occurs.
    2) When buying a home. Yes, your home inspector is supposed to do this for you. Let's keep in mind though that home inspectors usually are not roofing experts. We have realtors who always encourage their clients to have us check it out. It may or may not need anything, better safe than sorry. It may have been hit with severe hail and never addressed, which can translate to insurance denying coverage until the roof is replaced. Be pro-active!

When we come to inspect your roof, we like to speak with you first to get the scoop. Next we will hop up there and do an inspection. We take our time to note any and all deficiencies and take some photos. When there are issues, you will see the photos of them along with an exlpanation of what it means for your home. Of course, if your roof looks great, we are always happy to report that you are good to go knowing you will keep us in mind when you need a general contractor in the future.