About Us

Better people is the key to better service to you.

Key Points

Legal. Always.

Your home should be protected. We are insured to cover so your mind can be at ease.

All so you can trust in us....

All too often professionals are undertrained in the name of saving a dollar at your expense. We are changing that. Our team is kept up to date with the latest relevant information. All so you can trust in us to give you the best.

Happy workers, an important variable.

Our team is treated like family.

We have all been to stores where it is obvious the employees aren't happy. When this happens, customers' and clients' experience is abated at best. In the worst cases, the customers are mistreated as a result of poor empoyee morale. The best cases of underappreciated employees leads to high turnover rates. Because we understand without your (our clients) support, we wouldn't be sucessful and it wouldn't be long before we would have to shut the business down or adopt a new business model of our competition.

A great deal of measures have been taken to ensure this never is the case. First, we are careful with who we hire. You may have heard about how clean and professional our pros are. That happens because we make sure their needs are met and efforts rewarded. Secondly, we grow slower than we could. This ensures when things get slow we still have enough work that we aren't having to let any of our valuable experts go. While there are too many factors involved to list here, the heart of it is simple. Treat people the way you would want to be treated. Pay them what they have earned. Give them the tools they need to do what they need to do. The golden rule, the heart of any great relationship, business or personal.

Does this sound like the kind of company you want to work with? Give us a call, we would love to help!