Doing Better

Better people is the key to better service.

All for YOU!

Legal. Always.

Your roof is the single most important system protecting your home. Don't trust just any contractor in servicing, repairing, or replacing your roof. Trust an insured contractor and get the job done right, the first time.



Too often general contractors and roofers use sub-standard practices to save time and/or money. Our clients are educated on some key details they can be looking for in their project.

Permits? We got that.

Often the local government requires permits to replace a roof or other major repairs. These are additional fees that can add up to hundreds. If a permit is required we grab it for you, and it is always included.

Guiding Principles

The golden rule is more than just lip service.

People is the reason we are in business. This means clients, employees, and vendors. We treat everyone fairly and stay honest. This means giving employees what they need to do what they do best. When people are treated right, it comes together beautifully, and our clients' experience is second to no one. As an example, recently there was a mistake made on a roof replacement. Once the materials were delivered we saw the shortage. Typically, special order items take about a week to come in, but because of the great relationships with our supplier, they delivered the materials that same day. The customer wasn't affected by it. They felt their roof replacement went very smoothly, as it did.

Service Focused

How about service after your roof project? Yup, we know, no one does that anymore, but we like doing things this way. Service after the sale means:

    Customer only discounts.
    Free 5 year follow-up inspection.*
    Storm damaged your home? Free emergency roof repairs.*
    You get 2 points of contact. Someone is always there for you.
    Labor Warranty? Yes, for at least 5 years with every complete roof!

Does this sound like the kind of company you want to work with? Give us a call, we would love to help!

*Applies to complete re-roofs exceeding $10k.