The Devil is in the Details!

Common Roof Details


Ice and Water around Pipe Jack

What you see above is pipe jack flashing. A detail that we always replace with all new roofing systems.


Synthetic Underlayment

A commonly overlooked detail that is every bit as important as the everything else. Our standard is over 20 times stronger than our competition's.

Want a quality roofing system?

Here are a few must haves in any quality roofing system. If your contractor isn't knowledgeable about these things, you will be paying for it. The question isn't if, but when. Every roof isn't created equally, anymore than a every computer is the same or every car. They are all the same basic components but the lifespan and performance varies greatly in relation to quality of the assembly as much as the materials used. Poor workmanship can render great materials a waste as much as, if not more than the other way around.

One important difference to keep in mind is this:

Skimping on your computer or car isn't risking unwarranted damage to one of your most valuable and expensive assets- YOUR HOME!

Key elements for every roofing system:

    Flashing top left
    Underlayment (bottom left)
    Fastening (top right)
    Ventilation (bottom right)

Pay a little more now, save a lot later.

After you contact us we will set up a meeting with you. Once you have explained the situation and our expert has evaluated it, you will learn how we will do it right. Do it better. Have peace of mind for a fair price from an honest company. Don't ever be afraid to ask us questions, if we don't have the answer on the spot, we will tell you and get good info to you fast. Now you can take that to the bank!


The mighty little cap nail!

Cap Nail

This little guy is water tight for the underlayment (your homes second barrier) which means you don't have 3 new holes in your underlayment for water to get to your expensive home.


Roof Exhaust Vents

Improper ventilation voids the manufacturer's warranty.